PROFLEX® Elite is an impervious cushioned sports surface and is suitable for use in conventional and wheelchair tennis playing.

The system comprises a high quality 6mm* rubber mat which is bonded and coated using durable textured polymers to produce a superior cushioned tennis surface.

*Varying thicknesses of cushioning mat can be supplied on request.

As well as being extremely durable and resistant to wear, the cushioning effect will remain constant throughout seasonal temperature variations and over many years of use. Because the cushioning mat is prefabricated to a uniform thickness this will allow a true ball bounce on all areas of the court.

PROFLEX® Elite Cross-section

ITF Classified Court Pace 2 (medium-slow)ITF Pace Classifications

PROFLEX® Elite is classified by the ITF in Pace Classification 2(Medium-slow). However, by varying the formulation of the components used in PROFLEX® Elite it is possible to produce surfaces with ITF Pace Classifications of 1(Slow) through to 5(Fast) in addition.

Colour Range

Please note that the colours are for illustration only and actual colours may differ considerably from those illustrated.

Any other choice of colour can be formulated on request.

The Environment

The materials used in these surfaces are environmentally friendly, using recycled rubber for the cushioning mat, together with solvent free adhesives and water-based polymer coatings.


The maintenance costs are very low and in most cases the court surface will only require a pressure wash every one to two years.

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