Proflex® Polycushion

Proflex® Polycushion is an innovative in situ applied cushion system, The Proflex® Polycushion System has excellent strength and durability as well as offering a comforting 15% force reduction.

The Proflex® Polycushion self-levelling cushion layer gives the surface excellent comfort under foot with uniformity and ball bounce across the whole surface.

Proflex® Polycushion is suitable for use in both conventional and wheelchair tennis.

The cushioned base is made up of multiple layers of a squeegee applied liquid cushion which comprises an acrylic copolymer and unique combination of SBR granules, mineral fillers and thickeners which provide a cushioned surface that reduces the impact on the knees, ankles and feet making the surface very comfortable to play on.

ITF Pace Classification

Proflex® Polycushion is classified by the ITF in Pace Classification 3 (Medium). However, by varying the formulation of the components used in Proflex® Polycushion it is possible to produce surfaces with ITF Pace Classifications of 1(Slow) through to 5(Fast).

The Environment

The materials used in these surfaces are environmentally friendly, using recycled rubber for the cushioning mat, together with solvent free adhesives and water-based polymer coatings.


Please refer to the product’s current maintenance guide and instructions.

Colour Range

The standard range of colours comprises those shown here.

Please note, actual colours may differ considerably from those illustrated.

Any other choice of colour can be formulated on request.

Key Components

  1. Asphalt or concrete
  2. Proflex Primer
  3. Proflex Polycushion Sealer
  4. Proflex Polycushion SL
  5. Proflex Polycushion Basecoat
  6. Proflex Topcoat (1)
  7. Proflex Topcoat (2)
  8. Lines