Proflex® Multisport Performance

Proflex® Multisport Performance utilises a foam shockpad allowing the thickness of the layer to be reduced whilst maintaining the same shock absorption. Foam shock pads are lighter than rubber, making them easier to handle on site.

Proflex® Multisport Performance has been tested and approved to the EN14904 standard.

Proflex® Multisport Performance

  • Is a site applied cushioned multipurpose indoor sport and recreation surface.
  • Surfaces are point elastic polyurethane indoor sports surfaces for multi purpose use.
  • Remains point elastic due to the resilient nature of the prefabricated shock pad together with the polyurethane wear layer and top coat.
  • Is used for a number of sports and activities including badminton, tennis, netball, 5-a-side football, basketball, gymnastics, training, dance and aerobics.

Technical Data

System Thickness (mm) Shock Absorbtion (%) Classification (EN 14904)
Proflex Performance 80 8 27.2 P1
Proflex Performance 100 10 37.2 P2
Proflex Performance 130 13 46.8 P3

Classification of reaction to fire performance in accordance with EN 13501-1: 2018 is Cfl – s1

Multisport Standard RAL Colours

Line Paint Standard RAL Colours

Please note, actual colours may differ considerably from those illustrated.

Any other choice of colour can be formulated on request.

Key Components

  1. Asphalt or concrete
  2. Proflex® Adhesive
  3. Proflex® Proflex Prefabricated Foam Shockpad
  4. Proflex® Poresealer
  5. Proflex® Wearlayer
  6. Proflex® Topcoat
  7. Lines