POLYTRAK® Spray Coat System

POLYTRAK® Spray Coat System provides a highly cost effective solution.

This system utilises a structural spray comprising polyurethane compound and fine EPDM granules, applied to a cast in place base of rubber crumb and clear polyurethane binder. This system provides an economical solution for institutional, recreational and field training facilities, with a textured final surface.

POLYTRAK® synthetic sports surfaces are produced using high quality rubber, polyurethane and EPDM products that are extremely resistant to normal wear and tear. It is good practice to regularly clean the surface as dirt does increase wear and tear and consequently can shorten the life span of the wearing surface.


The surface should be washed down periodically with a high-pressure water hose.

Depending on the degree of dirt a light detergent in a low concentration can be added. The surface may also be vacuumed and brushed with synthetic brushes if necessary. Heavy dirt spots can be taken off by a damp rag that has been soaked wear coat in that case and should be done under strict supervision.


To prevent excessive wear on the inner lanes on a running track, we suggest periodically blocking off different lanes for training purposes.

This will ensure that the inner lanes do not wear out first and increase the total life span of the wearing surface.


Keep the surface free from dust, dirt and pollution, which come from outside and around the running track depending on the layout of the surrounding area and how it is maintained. For cleaning use a water spraying machine with roll brushes similar to road cleaning machines for industrial parking areas (caution to not use excessive high pressure). After preparing the surface with clean water the roll brushing machine should vacuum the dust, dirt and water, keeping the surface free and clean.

The frequency of cleaning will depend upon the level of pollution and outside influences, do not allow the dust to become hard and engrained. The line markings are made out of high quality 2-part-polyurethane lining paints. Depending on use these may require repainting after three to five years.

Key Components

  1. Sub-base
  2. POLYTRAK® Base Layer
  3. POLYTRAK® Top Layer