For the international expansion of the two companies, Proflex and Orange Padel International decided to start a strategic cooperation for their international sales. The kick-off takes place at the FSB Show International Trade Show, 2023 in Cologne.

Proflex® the leading brand in synthetic tennis surfaces and sports surface coatings and Orange Padel® the fast-growing Netherlands based padel court manufacturer are teaming up to offer their clients a one-stop-shop experience to meet the increased demand for padel courts, tennis and sport coatings worldwide.

By working together, Orange Padel International and Proflex will expand their market reach.

With the exponential structural growth of the padel industry, Proflex receives more and more enquiries for padel courts every day. To be able to serve their clients well, this new cooperation wil enable them to increase customer satisfaction and open new markets. On the other hand Orange Padel increases their portfolio by offering not only padel courts but a full range of tennis and sport coatings.

It is a win-win strategy combining unique sets of skills which will accelerate the growth of both businesses. The result will be an all-round, innovative player in the world of racket sports at the forefront of the industry.